Commission a portrait of someone you love

A painted portrait can make an incredibly personal gift for the subject, other family members or even yourself.  Here’s a simple guide on how to commission your very own portrait.  It’s really easy and when you’re ready just give me a call or drop me an email/contact form.

Step 1: Choose a good photograph

I work from photographs so choose an image that you love.  It needs to be good quality (over 1Mb in file size) so that I can crop and zoom a little.  The main thing is that you love the expression and you feel it truly reflects the person.  Look at the lighting, the eyes and make sure you get permission from the photographer as they own the copyright of the image. If you’re struggling then I know a great portrait photographer who can take the base image for us to work from.

Step 2:  The concept

I love to be left with some creative freedom (as that’s what you pay an artist for right!) but I’m more than happy to discuss some key colours and tones to ensure that the piece fits nicely into the intended environment.  Some people have a really clear idea about this but lots don’t, so do not panic.

No matter what people say, size is important.  Big is beautiful but at the same time it can take a lot more time and materials.  Just send me your photograph and we can have a chat about sizes and options and agree to a budget.  As an example a 16″ x 12″ unframed solo piece like the one above can be done for around £250.

Step 3: Framed or unframed

I like to frame my work and can deliver your finished piece in a fabulous hand made Isle of Wight frame.  They are a really simple design as standard but I can help you choose something that fits the painting and your home.  With the marvels of modern technology I can also mock up the finished painting to show you what it would look like framed.  Equally I can deliver the piece unframed for you to take to a local framer yourself.

Step 4:  How to start

To start your commission we just need to chat.  My mobile signal is terrible so best to contact me here or message me on my facebook page..

Once we have agreed a plan and a price then I simply ask for 50% upfront payment to begin work.  The final balance (+ shipping and framing costs) is due when the piece is ready to be shipped.  In terms of timescales it takes about 3 weeks for an oil painting due to curing time.

You can trust me to do a great job and I know you will love the final piece!